Ve dnech 19. a 20.9.2018 proběhly na FROV JU obhajoby disertačních prací těchto studentů.

Ing. Radek Gebauer - Foraging behavior of non-indigenous gobiid fish species, záznam zde
M.Sc. Hadiseh Dadras Asyabar - Temperature dependency of sperm motility in different fish species, záznam zde
Ing. Martin Prchal - Estimation of genetic variation of performance traits in common carp to predict potential of selective breeding under pond management conditions , záznam zde
M.Sc. Yevhen Horokhovatskyi - Applied aspects of fish sperm cryopreservation, záznam zde
M.Sc. Azadeh Mohagheghi Samarin - Alteration of mRNA abundance, oxidation products and antioxidant enzyme activities associated with fish oocyte ageing, záznam zde
M.Sc. Thai Giang Pham - Biological effects of anthropogenic pollutants present in recipients of treated sewage water, záznam zde
M.Sc. Sidika Sakalli  - Bioactive compunds in the aquatic environment and their effects on fish. Special focus on piscine cytochrome P450, záznam zde

Autor článku: Lucie Kačerová


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