Another year of the ISS 2019 took place from 24th June to 19th July 2019. There were 11 students from USA, Turkey, Iran, Spain, Poland, Ukraine and Russia together with 6 students from the Yspertal, Austria.

The students were working hard on their projects led under the professional supervision. The work took place in the field and in the workplaces of the FFPW USB. The student also attended the excursion and a lot of interesting lectures held at the MEVPIS.

The last day belonged to the final presentations, where the committee members thoroughly rated the presentations. In the end, three winners were announced with the best presentation.

Event was supported by the budget of the FFPW USB and the project „Institutional plan USB CB 2019 - 2020, project nr. 35 - Summer school with the creative participation of the FFPW USB students“.

Written by Michaela Dirnová


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